Faculty & Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia

Since 1970, the Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia (FSFCCP), Local AFT2026, has organized as three bargaining units to secure and defend fair contracts and safe, just working conditions at the College and beyond. We commit ourselves in solidarity with all who organize to advance racial, social, environmental and economic justice. Our vision centers the needs and aspirations of our current, prospective, and past students, their families, and communities so that we can build a more just and equitable Philadelphia.

Fall 2022 PD Week

Wed, August 31, 12:00pm General Membership Meeting (via Zoom)

Wed, August 31, 4:00pm PT/VL Bargaining Unit Meeting (via Zoom)

Thurs, September 1, 2:00pm Classified Employees Meeting (via Zoom)

Thurs, September 1, 3:00pm FT Faculty Meeting (via Zoom)

Common Good Campaign

The Bargaining for the Common Good working group seeks to create a progressive, equitable, community-driven college for all our workers and students.

Take Action!

Join us in a push to bring progressive revenue to Philadelphia.

COVID-19 information

March 2022

The Union has received the College Ventilation Reports as a result of our Request for Information to Administration. You can view the CCP Campus Ventilation Reports here

January 2022

AFT National has created a useful set of resources for members as we navigate Covid-19, including this excellent Respirator and Mask Factsheet that offers guidance on what masks to wear (stick with KN-95s if you can!) and how to get them.

Visit AFT's Covid-19 Resources page for more helpful information and guidance.

August 2021

The City of Philadelphia issued a Mandate for Vaccination of Higher Education employees and students. To read the entire mandate, click here.

For more information, visit https://www.phila.gov/2021-08-13-covid-vaccines-mandated-for-healthcare-workers-and-those-at-philly-colleges-and-university/