Classified Employees


The Collective Bargaining Agreement is the last signed contract negotiated by the union and covers contract years 2011-2016. Please note:  The Contract expired on September 1, 2016 but remained in effect until settlement in April 2019

The Memorandum of Agreement summarizes changes that will be made to the 2011-2016 contract as we prepare the full text of the 2016-2022 contracts (entire document shown below).  The CE Grade Minimums and 6% above Minimum were negotiated as a part of the Memorandum of Agreement through 2022. 

2022-2024 Contract Extension

The Union negotiated additional CE Grade Minimums for our contract extension through 2024, as seen below  

CE minimum by grade
AFT2026 Co-President Rainah Chambliss and Classified Bargaining Unit Co-Chair Louise Hinton with AFT President Randi Weingarten


The Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement allows full-time CEs who make less than $50,000 per year in base wages to be eligible for reimbursement of medical deductibles. 

HRA Reimbursement Form
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overview of Benefits for Classified Employees

Every person who joins the union builds our power to keep what we have and win better contracts in the future. 

Because of the strength of our union, in the most recent settlement, Classified Employees (CEs) got a minimum of a 14.5% raise over the life of the contract, in comparison to 7% over the life of the contract that the Administration offered at the beginning of our negotiations. We also raised the minimum wage to $15/ hr by the end of the contract. All CEs also have the option of health insurance for themselves, their spouse and their dependents with no premium, and we expanded the HRA deductible reimbursement to include CEs making up to $50,000.

Union Representation and Contract Enforcement

You have the right to bring a union representative with you to all disciplinary meetings.  You don’t have to face discipline alone; a union representative can act as a witness, a spokesperson and an advocate.  

The Contract is the document that provides an outline of your rights as a bargaining unit member.  A grievance is an allegation that a supervisor or another CCP administrator has violated rights guaranteed by the Contract.  Grievances are one way we maintain our contractual rights, wages and working conditions. The union has a legal responsibility to investigate any grievance that is filed, and to fairly and impartially represent any bargaining unit member whose rights may have been violated at each level of the grievance process.  

Paid Time Off

All Classified Employees get a combination of vacation, sick and personal days, as well as Winter Break, Spring Break, and other holidays.

Summer Work Hours

This allows CEs to only work 4 days per week in the summer, and to only work 36 hours total per week and get paid for 37.5 hours. 

Life Insurance

Every CE gets a life insurance policy while they are working at CCP. It is twice the employee’s salary.

Income Protection

CEs who have been ill or disabled for 28 days get 80% of their regular salary for the next 152 days.

Flexible Spending Account
Every CE has the option to contribute to pre-tax savings accounts that can be used for transportation, medical or child care expenses. Look for information in November of each year about how to sign up. Taking advantage of this benefit is equal to a pay bump. The salary that you divert into an FSA is not taxed. Therefore, your annual tax bill is reduced and your take home pay goes up.

Retirement Benefits

For CEs who have worked at the College for at least a year, the College will contribute 10% of an employee’s salary to their retirement account if the employee contributes 5%. 

Early Retirement Incentive for CEs at age 63. 

College contribution to healthcare during retirement. 

Tuition Remission and Forgivable Loans

Full-time non-probationary employees can get full tuition remission for up to 4 courses per semester, taken at CCP. Spouses and dependents also get full tuition remission for courses taken at CCP. 

CEs who have earned an Associate’s Degree, or who are enrolled in a course of study not available at the College, can get up to $30,000 per year in a forgivable loan. 

Staff Development

Every CE gets 8 hours of staff training per month, which means you can attend College-sponsored courses and workshops, including career advancement, current job skills development and personal development offerings.