The People's College, our vision for Community College of Philadelphia, is a platform we are building in solidarity and partnership with grassroots groups, fellow unions and community members organizing to advance racial, social, environmental and economic justice in Philadelphia, for the common good*. Please join us—let's build together!

Our Platform:

We Call for:

Clearly evident and deepening anti-racist, inclusive and diversity-centered structures across every area at the College

A Board of Trustees that includes educators, students and grassroots community organizers

Robust immigration support for students and a commitment to being sanctuary campus—ICE is not allowed on premises and student information is protected

Unhoused and food insecure students (and their families) to be provided with the resources they need

We Call for:

The College and the School District of Philadelphia to be fully funded by public dollars

More academic advisors, learning lab faculty, librarians, and counselors hired to support students

Smaller class sizes, especially in remote learning contexts, to improve teaching and learning experiences and outcomes

All students must be provided the technology, devices, hi-speed internet access and tech support at no cost

Free community college for all!

We Call for:

All workers at the College, including subcontractors and work-study students, to earn living and competitive wages, have paid sick time and family leave

All short-term job training and certificate program offerings must lead students to family-sustaining wages and career growth

The College to become a leader in training workers for jobs in sustainability and green technology, and divests from programs related to fossil fuels

Philadelphia to invest in affordable housing, childcare, transportation, public spaces and high quality community resources for physical and mental health

Coalition partners:

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*The public resources, systems and societal conditions shared by members of a community that enable each and all to thrive


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