Our Next Contract

Contracts for all three bargaining units expire August 31, 2024

Our Union began open bargaining sessions with CCP Administration in January 2024

CCP WORKERS are fighting for 

Dignity and Respect by way of:

A Living Wage: pay equity and across-the-board cost of living adjustments that account for inflation

Healthy Families & A Healthy Campus: we are proposing the College protect existing benefits and workplace safeguards, equitably expand access to fringe benefits, and enhance workplace health and safety protections. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: A clear commitment to being an Anti-racist organization and expanding opportunities for staff and faculty of color. 

Childcare and Transportation support for our faculty, staff, and students.

Why Open Bargaining?

Our first big win in negotiations with CCP Administration has been establishing all bargaining sessions as Open Bargaining sessions.  

Open Bargaining is a union negotiation approach where all contract engagement between workers and their employer is conducted in transparent meetings open to all members of the union.   Open bargaining allows CCP workers to participate first-hand in bargaining for your next contract, and shows our Union's collective power. 

Worker power mean bigger wins!

Bargaining Schedule

All sessions will be held in the CCP Boardroom (M2-1) unless otherwise noted. 


Weds, May 22   9am-12pm   ALL Bargaining Units 

Tues, June 11    9am-12pm   ALL Bargaining Units 

Weds, June 26   9am-12pm    ALL Bargaining Units 


Fri, Jan 26 9am-12pm ALL Bargaining Units

Thur, Feb 1 9am-12pm ALL Bargaining Units

Fri, Feb 16 9am-12pm Full Time Faculty

Thur, Feb 22 12pm-4pm Classified Staff [Room C3-5]

Fri, Mar 1 9am-12pm Full Time Faculty

Fri, Mar 15 9am-12pm FTF / CE Staffing

Thur, Mar 21 1pm-5pm Part Time Faculty

Fri, Mar 29 9am-12pm ALL Bargaining Units

Fri, Apr 5 9am-12pm ALL Bargaining Units

Fri, Apr 12 9am-12pm ALL Bargaining Units 

Thur, Apr 18 1pm-5pm Part Time Faculty

Fri, Apr 26 9am-12pm ALL Bargaining Units 


You can show your support for bargaining by signing our Unity Petition