Executive Committee

Junior Brainard,

Rainah Chambliss,

Marissa Johnson-Valenquela, Secretary

Jamie Zigarelli, Treasurer

Raquel Wheelings, Classified Employees Co-Chair

Quirdia Robinson-Ahmad,  Classified Employees Co-Chair

Alexine Fleck, Full-time Faculty Co-Chair

Colin Ruggero,  Full-time Faculty Co-Chair

Nwenna Kai Gates,  Part-time Faculty/Visiting Lecturers Co-Chair

Noelle Egan, Part-time Faculty/Visiting Lecturers Co-Chair

Josephine Jones,  At-Large Representative, Department Rep, CE Controller

Raven Holloway,  At-Large Representative, Department Rep, FTF Academic Advising

Elisa King, At-Large Representative, Department Rep, FTF Counseling

Representative Council

Representative Council meets every three weeks during CCP’s academic year. As the Federation's governing body, Rep Council sets  policies and responds to issues affecting the Faculty and Staff Federation.  Representatives are elected through our annual election each Fall. 

The three bargaining units (Classified Employees; Part-Time and Visiting Lecturer Faculty; and Full-Time Faculty) elect Representatives from each department.  All members are welcome at Rep Council meetings, although only Department Reps or their alternates can vote.  Any member can request that an item be added to the agenda by contacting a member of the Federation’s Executive Committee (aft2026@gmail.com).  



FTF Academic Advising: Raven Holloway

FTF Allied Health: Elizabeth Dalianis, Alternate: Melissa Altman-Traub

FTF Art / Music: Sean Sauer, Alternate: Monica Hahn

FTF Biology: John Braxton, JP Vermitsky; Alternate: Ola Bailey 

FTF Counseling: Elisa King, Cynthia Walls; Alternates: Safiyyah Ennis, Natalie Fein

FTF English: Ryan Bing, Gail Harrington, Mary Hoeffel, Jonathan Pappas, Mary Conway, Nate House

FTF Foundational Mathematics: Yusefa Smith

FTF Humanities: Joel Tannenbaum

FTF Learning Labs: Mary Ann Yannuzzi

FTF Library: Jalyn Warren

FTF Mathematics: Brenton Webber 

FTF Photographic Imaging: Hannah Price

FTF Psychology, Education, and Human Services: Ilze Nix

FTF Social Science: Jamie Gusrang



CE Academic Affairs: Jackie Harvey Jenkins 

CE Business Services: Rasheeda Holliman

CE Controller: Josephine Jones

CE Educational Support Services: Bridget Burless

CE Environmental Services: Edward Jorden, Emma Jackson

CE Financial Aid: Quirdia Robinson Ahmad, Alternate: Wendi Watson 

CE Library: Nick Romaniello

CE Multimedia Services: Reynold Parker 

CE Technical Crafts: Ron Buck

CE Utility: Renee Ramsey-Valley 



PT Allied Health: Patricia Schaffer 

PT Computer Technologies: Dominic Isabella

PT DACE: Barry Lutz 

PT English: Diane McManus, Rafael Logrono

PT Foundational Mathematics: Kusema Warrakah 

PT Learning Lab: Joe Angelella 

PT Library: Jenifer Baldwin 

PT Social Science: Judy Lustig


Co-Chairs: Karen Schermerhorn, Richard Keiser 

Secretary: Rick Hock

Planning Committee: Evan Seymour, Ellie Cunningham, Gail Chaskes, Rose Levere, Noelia Rivera-Matos, Jim Ruffins 

AFT-PA Convention Delegate: Karen Schermerhorn