Labor Leaders In Action

"We can choose to make CCP free for ALL Philadelphians. . . Helen understands the need to raise revenue to invest in CCP!"

-- Junior Brainard, AFT2026 Co-President

"It's only when we start talking about fixing schools that we get asked how to pay for it. Philadelphia needs a moral budget and that's why we're all here to say "Vote for Helen Gym!"

--Elisa King, AFT2026

AFT2026 Co-President Rainah Chambliss fighting for a fair contract for UArts Faculty and Staff alongside Helen Gym 

Leaders from PFT, AFT-PA, PMA Union, TAUP, and AFT2026 with Helen Gym

AFT2026 Co-President Junior Brainard speaking at the rally 

AFT2026 At-Large Representative Elisa King with Helen Gym