Covid 19 Information

Updates for CCP Employeees regarding covid-19 policies & practices


CCP Employees who test positive for Covid-19 qualify for 40 hours of additional paid sick leave under Philadelphia's COVID-19 Leave Law (summary of law is below). 

Starting March 9, 2022 until December 31, 2023, employers with 25 or more employees  must provide up to 40 hours of additional paid sick leave to eligible employees when they are unable to work for certain COVID-19 reasons, including:

This paid sick leave must be provided outside of and prior to using the eligible employee’s existing accrued paid time off banks including for full time employees, part time employees, and union employees. COVID-19 Leave must be provided to employees immediately with no waiting period. An employer is permitted only to request that an employee submit a self-certified statement asserting that leave was used for COVID-19 Leave purposes. 


*Review the law or contact our office for more information. Covered employers whose existing leave policies provide 120 hours or 112.5 hours or more of paid sick leave that can be used for the same purposes under the same conditions of COVID-19 Leave may not be required to provide additional paid sick leave.

March 2022

The Union has received the College Ventilation Reports as a result of our Request for Information to Administration. You can view the CCP Campus Ventilation Reports here

January 2022

AFT National has created a useful set of resources for members as we navigate Covid-19, including this excellent Respirator and Mask Factsheet that offers guidance on what masks to wear (stick with KN-95s if you can!) and how to get them.  

Visit AFT's Covid-19 Resources page for more helpful information and guidance. 

August 2021

The City of Philadelphia issued a Mandate for Vaccination of Higher Education employees and students. To read the entire mandate, click here

For more information, visit